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Attracting the Right Type of Person
When writing your ad, make sure you focus on the type of person you're trying to attract. A couple looking for bi-females should write a vastly different ad than a female looking for men. Be precise in stating what you're looking for and accept no substitutions. Many times ad viewers will shotgun responses (ie, respond to a large number of ads with the same canned message) in the hopes of simply hitting something. It's not unusual for some folks to respond to over a hundred ads in a single sitting. Obviously, this is like shooting fish in a barrel - you're bound to hit something. All in all, you're better off being ultra-selective and only going after a few people at a time. Write a detailed response to their ad that incorporates some of their preferences. The added length combined with adding a few personal touches will go a long way in getting you a much better response and will also get you a much higher quality response that the shotgun approach.

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